Manchester busy bee..

Manchester craft and design centre has been around for 30 years and to celebrate this there will be a number of events going on at the centre.

I have been invited to create a ring for the '30 years' exhibition that tenants Jo Lavelle and Eve Redmond have organised. This is one of the events that is happening to celebrate the centres 30years, including old standing tenants to new and few Manchester based jewellers.

The ring I have created stems from the craft centres history of being part of a Victorian fish and food Market. The symbol that derives from this era was the Manchester busy bee. The bee symbolises the city of Manchester as a hive of activity and industry. It's also a reference to Manchester's significance in the industrial revolution.

I have put the bee on to a square ring and it sits really well. I have created pendants and brooches to match ;)

Thanks for reading ...


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