Upcoming Group Jewellery Workshop Events

All events provide a Buffet Lunch and will take place in June, July and August. All Events are held at the Nexus Art Cafe in Manchester City Centre. Just off Oldham Street, across from Afflecks Place. For more information see http://nexusartcafe.com/
Please contact Selina to book place on any of the events above or for more information, at emailme@selinacampbell.com or 07842567967 for all details see www.selinacampbell.com


Workshop Event 1

Bollywood style Indian inspired earrings | £30.00 per person - 6 places available
Make hoop beaded hook earrings adding beading, forming and make hook for earring. 

Session Time : 2 hours | Start 10am - 12pm |  Lunch Provided after event | Date : Saturday 2nd June   
Workshop Event 2

Wire wrapped beaded Necklace and earrings | £40.00 person - 6 places available
Learn to make a part wire beaded necklace with attached chain. Learn skills and apply your skills to bracelets and adding other objects. 

Session Time : 3 hours | Start 11am - 2pm |  Lunch Provided during event | Date : Saturday 30th June    

Workshop Event 3  

Set of Cluster Beaded Earrings | £30.00 per person - 6 places available
Construct your own Beaded Clustered earrings, using colourful beads, composing them as you wish to produce an exciting outcome. 

Session Time : 2 hours | Start 11am - 1pm |  Lunch Provided  after event | Date : Saturday 14th July 

Workshop Event 4

Starter Jewellery Course | £189.00 per person - 6 places available
Where you learn the basics jewellery making and are supplied with a set of  tools, that you away to use at home and to continue your own practice.

Session Time : 5 hours | Start 10am - 3pm |  Lunch Provided during event  | Date : Saturday 4th August


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